Watercolours of Distinction

Geoff Butterworth, Watercolour Artist  -     records the northern scene as it is today emerging from its grimy industrial past.

      “Northern light is, they say, ‘different’.
It is the portrayal of this light which marks out a Butterworth painting and gives it its special quality.

The light sweeps in, lifting the subject clear of the background and giving it an almost magical iridescence. Here is the work of a masterly painter, totally at ease with his subjects and his technique. His work is elegant, sophisticated and ‘accessible’ - using that much abused word in the best sense. His view is fresh, close-to-home pleasing and truthful.”
Keith Parry.  Writer and Broadcaster

Welcome to my web site. If my work is new to you, then I hope you like what you see. If you are a collector, thank you and welcome back.

It has always been my philosophy to try and push the bounds of watercolour painting. I started nearly thirty years ago with a wish to simply reproduce what I took photographs of with no idea of how to achieve this aim. Being more used to Oil Painting, I turned to Watercolour to start afresh and push myself with this change of medium. Trial and error through many different paintings soon told me that watercolour was easily capable of stunning results and I established a style that was quickly recognised and many exhibitions followed. This website will show many new paintings, which are highlighted in orange, and some older paintings that I consider to be landmarks in my painting career.

It is said that Watercolour is the most difficult medium to master and it is so easy to ruin a painting by a lack of concentration. I set out to bring life to a subject by remaining faithful to the pure medium of watercolour and skill with -



the best Sable brushes.
The paper is also vital and careful consideration of subject will dictate
what type of paper to use. I have always favoured Whatman Paper for it’s white luminescence and it,s purity of manufacture but I also like using Fabriano and Arches papers. With so much to decide before a painting begins it is only the skill of a real artist that can guarantee a great result.
Having said that, it is a fact that an artist is only as good as his last painting  and every one has a unique set of challenges. A painting is created with skill and inspiration and a desire to produce a worthwhile work of art that is worth buying and worth collecting. I have many collectors of my work, spread throughout the UK and many other countries. This website will hopefully introduce you to my painting and will showcase new work as it leaves my studio.

Please be aware that all my work, like any other artists, is subject to copyright laws and can only be legally  reproduced with my express permission

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Member of Birmingham Watercolour Society



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Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

“Crossing Tib Lane. Manchester
Watercolour  size 22” x 11”  approx
Painted on 300 lb Fabriano.

“Easy Living..” On the Rochdale canal near Todmorden the evening sun shines on this narrow boat . The kettle boils and the tea is brewing. Take life at an easy pace...

Watercolour 2014 on Fabriano 140 lb Not Paper


“ Art in the Exchange.”


A new exhibition by Geoff Butterworth FRSA

At the Rochdale Exchange shopping centre.

Workshops -  Demonstrations  - and New work.

Sponsored By the Rotary Club of Rochdale


Continues till 31st Oct

Tel 01706 633095 For Details



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