Geoff Butterworth, Watercolour Artist

Recording the northern scene as it is today, emerging from its grimy industrial past.

Welcome to my web site. If my work is new to you, then I hope you like what you see. If you are a collector, thank you and welcome back.

I started painting in the late 70s after a serious motorcycle accident and turned from Oil Paints to watercolour as a means of starting afresh. Trial and error through many different paintings soon told me that watercolour was easily capable of stunning results and I established a style that was quickly recognised and many exhibitions followed. I have been elected into many painting societies and won some major awards since those formative years in the early 80s. This website will show many new paintings and some older paintings that I consider to be landmarks in my painting career.

Find some of my most recent works below, or visit the galleries pages to see more.